Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa

Iwish that I had your eyes
With their gleaming of hope and beliefs
And your happiness simple and real
While gently you’re dancing a reel
And I wish that I had your grace
When on tiptoe you’re entering the world
That lingering and tapping the pen
While still tracing the future ahead

And a open book still to be written
And those overplayed movies to live
Of stories believed to be different
But ended up all being the same
I wish that I still had the firmness
To try turning upside down the world
And the whimsical will to make easier
This wayfaring without an aim

Wonder what’s like to be young now
And everything still to do wrong
For me shoes are now covered in grime
And smiling sometimes could be tough
Wonder what’s like to be young still
And have all your world to be built
Whatever you’ll do, wherever you’ll be
Just wish you’ll be better than me

And while you are dancing around me
I give in to these thoughts
I wish you could listen to the words
Of this man you barely know
But the music has gone and the lights
have turned on
So I’ll pick up my case and I’ll go