The Count

Music: Luca Terlizzi
Lyrics: Guido Domingo

When the lights completely fade and finally the day is over
Just a though don’t lose his strength
and makes your sleep so rotten:
“One less day to live, one more day will be forgotten
Did the chances fly away? When was that? I didn’t notice”

Every day from your name a letter falls
and you’re getting older
Life would have a different sense
if we could watch it from the end
Trust me it’s worth the wait
In that wait there’s all you wanted
Don’t slide into despair, you didn’t cross any border

Just looking back on what you’ve done
and what you have built
Lost struggles are all over and they try to drag you down
Fear to disappear is a subtle enemy

So stop the count, don’t you get it yet?
Get off the road if it sounds like a dead end
You’re not unbeatable but you got time to get up again
And slow down if you are missing details
Allow yourself to turn the page
You are not unbeatable
But you’ve got time to reclaim what you’ve lost

Seasons call is on its way and fall is getting closer
It’s time to pack up that crusade to which
you have become a hostage
Yours is a losing game, you just need some courage
Not to rewrite the same old page
the same old page over and over

There’ll be time for joy and time
to leave all the worries behind
There’ll be time to wonder how we came to this
‘Cause you are not a victim
Don’t be one of your obstacles
And pay attention long before
Things get really worse
To conquer death have no fear