Get Some Rest

Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa When there will beNo sunrise to be seenI’ll get some rest, I swear When there will beNo challenge to loseI’ll get some rest, I swear Till then I will bleedAnd I’ll feelAnd I’ll hurtI’ll liveAnd I’ll dreamAnd I’ll dieTo rise again When there will beNo peak to be climbedI’ll get […]

Empty Glasses

Music & lyrics: Silvano Ancellotti So take me back to that place I can call homeTake me to my world anddon’t ask where I come fromGive me whiskey, give me beerDrink away all these fearsSo take me back to that place I can call home Well, It’s hard and it’s screwedAnd sometimes it’s simply rudeTo […]

The Make-Sense-Law

Music & lyrics: Guido Domingo I think i might need a change in habitsLooking back at the past, having no restHas become complicatedTonight i won’t be coming homeMaybe tomorrow if i get what i was looking forIf i turn around i see my tracks pretty fadedCovered in choices i never wantedBut i’m not so innocentTonight […]

The Count

Music: Luca TerlizziLyrics: Guido Domingo When the lights completely fade and finally the day is overJust a though don’t lose his strengthand makes your sleep so rotten:“One less day to live, one more day will be forgottenDid the chances fly away? When was that? I didn’t notice” Every day from your name a letter fallsand […]

Life’s Grand

Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa It’s never too late to dance barefoot in the rainOr jump into the sea on a night like thisTake a plane, end up under the lamp light’s stainFind some happiness along Eden QuaySo we toast and we sing and we do celebrateThe mad ones, the dreamers, the painters, the poetsAll […]

Devils Are All Here

Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa Dear friend I’m writing to you here from the depths of hellI don’t know how I got here but I’m after all quite wellYou just stayed at the entry and never went aheadI’ve been drunk, confused and dull and I fell down as a dumbIt’s not as bad as expected […]


Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa Iwish that I had your eyesWith their gleaming of hope and beliefsAnd your happiness simple and realWhile gently you’re dancing a reelAnd I wish that I had your graceWhen on tiptoe you’re entering the worldThat lingering and tapping the penWhile still tracing the future ahead And a open book still […]

Happily Misplaced In This World

Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa It’s grey bricks, stones and this cold windCarrying the smell of the hopsAnd the peat bog slowly burningBrings me straight back to my youth It’s springing in Dublin this MarchAnd the crowd for Paddy’s day is goneAs I lay down and wait for the first sunIt’s just me and Charles […]

Man Of The Storm

Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa Walking high, walking boldI carried the loads until I got oldHold me job, hold me broken backI went to and fro my steep little pathCome ye mountain windsDrag me away from hereTo a place where I will belongFor I’ve always been your son Working hard, working strongI wrung out of […]

If Only He Applied Himself

Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa Oh if I hadn’t been so stubbornI could have been a great many thingsI’d have a larger estateAnd a shorter list of sinsI should have been a good boyLike me ma begged me to beSpared her coming back homeTo find mud up to me knees But I never paid attentionI […]