Uncle Bard & The Dirty Bastards

"The boys have an extraordinary feel for playing Irish music and I can honestly say I have never heard a non-Irish band sound so authentically Irish."

a great bunch of lads

a story of passion, friendship and dedication

Folk/Rock music, spiced up with Irish Trad! Based in the north of Italy (weird, innit?) and made up of lads who, in one way or another, lived or spent too much time in Ireland!

Too rock for the Folkies and too folk for the Rockies, the Bastards could please or disappoint almost everyone. Formed back in 2007, they play a unique blend of folk/rock and Traditional Irish Music. Uilleann pipes, tenor banjo, mandolin, Irish flute: there are few others bands in the folk/rock scene that could compete with the Bastards in terms of deep knowledge of Irish Traditional Music and Irish culture and society.

As written in a review of the latest album, “Uncle Bard & The Dirty Bastards don’t pretend to be Irish. […] They are showing “huge gratitude and all the due respect to Irish music and culture”. They are really Ireland’s adopted sons and have brought a new breeze to the European Celtic rock scene.

Uncle Bard & The Dirty Bastards has been the first Italian band ever playing at Dublin Irish Festival in Dublin, Ohio (US), the most important Irish music festival in the United States, together with the biggest touring acts of the moment (WeBanjo3, Altan, Aoife Scott, The East Pointers, Socks in the Frying Pan and more…).

In the last few years only, the band has toured internationally and played more than 400 gigs worldwide, including Toggenburg Irish Festival (Switzerland), Aymon Folk Festival (France), Shamrock Festival (Belgium), Celtica and Bustofolk in Italy, Oranjerock and Elfia in Netherlands, Paddy Wagon Festival (Germany), and many others huge international events. Consequently has shared the stage for three times with the worldwide famous celtic-punk band Dropkick Murphys (USA), toured Italy with legendary Flogging Molly (USA), then played with rock bands such as Kensington (NET), Volbeat (DEN) or Frank Turner (UK) but also with traditional acts like The Dubliners (IRE), De Danann (IRE), Four Men and A Dog (IRE), Paul McKenna Band (SCO), Beoga (IRE), Fourth Moon and more.

The latest album “Handmade!” has been released on February 9th, 2017. Over one hour for 16 songs, “Handmade” is a picture of what the band is. There is room for a pint and a laugh but also for uncertainty and troubles because life hands you both things.

The band is currently working on the new album, planned to be released in spring 2020; the album release will be followed by a worldwide tour, including a comeback to US in summer!