Lyrics: Guido Domingo

Music: Guido Domingo and Lorenzo Testa

Tunes: Up to Sixmilebridge (Lorenzo Testa), Scully Casey’s (traditional)

When we grow up, we develop our own identity. This helps us to differentiate ourselves from others; however when our identity becomes too powerful, it separates us from the rest of the world. Therefore we can end up decorating the walls of the prison we have made for ourselves. The only way to solve the problem is to learn to let go of our own self made rules.

I wish I had a thousand ships of paper
to reach my doubts and thoughts
I would have attacked them from the North
because the South is too close to the heart

When I felt a taste of rust at the bottom of the tongue
‘twas like a little shock deep in the ground

I tried to cover the taste with foods and liquors
but nothing satisfied me like before
I could not hide or wash away
something I was not able to discern

I was surprised that rust, reaching my lungs,
made me feel so numb but in need of a restart

So I escaped in open water to forget the routes
and try to know the ocean,
to give it my devotion

When I began to ignore my habits
they no longer had the last word.
I came back cheerful, I came back peaceful,
forgetting what I was looking for
‘Cause If the brick doesn’t want to be a wall,
leave it upon the earth
It will become home for other species
and it will get what it deserves

So I felt to be a part of nothing, all and both
that secret was in the world
but it was born over my tongue

So I escaped in open water to forget the routes
and try to know the ocean
to give it my devotion