The Town I Loved So Well

Lyrics and music: Phil Coulter A beautiful song written by Phil Coulter about his childhood in Derry, Northern Ireland, and the way it was devastated by “The Troubles”. Phil wrote: “Of all the songs I’ve written, this is the one I’d like to be remembered for. It’s my story but it’s also the story of […]

A Flat Above my Pub

Lyrics and music: Silvano Ancellotti Tunes: Denis Murphy’s (traditional), The Cobbler’s (traditional) I have always wondered how far I could go when talking about my personal issues in a song. This time I took some of the most tragic days of my recent history and I turned them into a happy-go-lucky song because when life […]


Lyrics: Guido Domingo Music: Guido Domingo and Lorenzo Testa Tunes: Up to Sixmilebridge (Lorenzo Testa), Scully Casey’s (traditional) When we grow up, we develop our own identity. This helps us to differentiate ourselves from others; however when our identity becomes too powerful, it separates us from the rest of the world. Therefore we can end […]

Plastic Paddy’s Day

Lyrics: Lorenzo Testa Music: Silvano Ancellotti and Lorenzo Testa Tune: Muireann’s jig (Niall Vallely) Every year in March, people from all over the world pretend to be Irish, wearing Leprechauns hats, drinking green beer and all those kind of stereotypes. Jaysus… the green beer?! Are you serious, lads? Have you ever seen it in a […]

The Luck of the Irish

Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa Among the slogans of paddywhackery all over the world, there’s usually the ridiculous idea of the so-called “Luck of the Irish”. How can Irish people be considered lucky after all they had to live during the years? Famine, emigration, British occupation, civil war, and much more… While talking about it […]

Lads from the Countryside

Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa Tune: The Legacy (traditional) A few pints, a good laugh and a good chat in a cosy pub will always be better craic to me than getting twisted in an overcrowded nightclub, pretending to be still young. I’m definitely happy to be born and raised in the countryside, where simplicity […]

The Streets of Dublin

Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa Tune: The Donegal Traveller (traditional) Having spent so much time in Dublin during my life, I have a special relationship with the town, despite all its contradictions. I watched it change during the years and get through the economic crisis with more homelessness and teenage drug problems than ever. Tourists […]

The Clarenbridge Fair

Music: Lorenzo Testa I composed this tune when back from Clarenbridge, south of Galway, where I stopped at Fintan and Tom Cussen’s workshop to say hello. The small village was buzzing for the Oyster Festival and it was simply amazing. I dedicate this banjo composition to both of them, with a sense of gratitude for […]

Anger (The Void that stops the Wind)

Music & lyrics: Guido Domingo Anger psychologically obstructs all of our feelings. We are so accustomed to it, that we feel we can’t do without it. It’s a weed which will ruin all our crops. Life is so strangeI killed a man to kill the pain he caused meBut in his eyes I didn’t see […]

The Ferryman

Lyrics and music: Pete St. John One of many great songs by Dublin songwriter Pete St John, “The Ferryman” is about the closure of the Liffey Ferry service on October 1984, the loss of jobs and the end of a 320 years-old tradition… perfectly picturing how Dublin was changing during the ‘70s and ‘80s.Despite the […]