The Man Who Spoke To The Earth

Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa Tunes:The Bogman (Lorenzo Testa)The Czar of Munster (Séamus Egan)Coleraine’s Jig (traditional) Only after navigating through hard times, struggles, sacrifice and hard work you can really appreciate life for what it is. You need to get scarred hands to keep on searching for happiness. Heard the amazing Czar’s reel at Glasgow […]

Stay Untamed!

Music & lyrics: Silvano Ancellotti Tune: The Hourglass Void (Luca Crespi) We wake up, we go to work, we go to bed and we constantly dream of running away. Then we are too afraid of making a bad decision, stepping into a risk or losing the little square meter we have built around us so […]

Too Old To Stop Now

Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa Tune: Kieran’s Polka (Liz Carroll) The only reason to be a musician, especially in Italy, is the deep and passionate love of making music and writing songs. Sometimes you want to give up and you ask yourself if this is worth the sacrifices you make everyday. But well, being 35 […]

Gipsy Geezers

Music & lyrics: Silvano Ancellotti Tune: The Arses of the Lasses (Lorenzo Testa) This one is about travelling and finding a place in the world which is not necessarily a physical spot. The more I rove the more I find roads to explore, the more I move the more I want to go. Every trip […]


Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa The fascinating and incomparable art of handcrafting with passion, love and dedication. This has been the hardest songwriting challenge of my life, spending months and sleepless nights picturing in verses what I had in me mind. But it could not have been otherwise. Strong is the arm that pounds the […]