The Dark Side Of The Leaf

Lyrics and music: Guido Domingo Tunes: Star Of Munster (traditional) This prayer goes to no god. The inexplicable extraordinariness of life makes divine every living creature that fights for its survival so if you feel in need of praying leave the churches and go where life is. My bible is written in the cracks of […]

Green Shamrock Shore

Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa Tunes: The Rain Cloud (Luca Crespi) As many of our Italian friends, during second half of 2000s Rob left our country to search for a new job and a new life in Ireland; it was a sort of promised land for many of us, with good wages and a lot […]

The Rambling Bhoys

Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa Tunes: Charlie Hunter’s jig (traditional) Despite the funny refrain, this song means a lot to me, as I wrote it when I was about to take an important decision in my life. I wrote it in a old-fashioned way, but it’s very up-to-date and autobiographical. We included “Charlie Hunter’s jig”, […]

Black Sheep

Lyrics and music: Rob Orlando Tunes: Riding on a Load of Hay (traditional) It’s hard to be yourself when the whole society doesn’t judge you for who you are, but for what you are not. But the Free Will gives strength to your actions therefore you are the only responsible for your destiny. Semplify. Be […]

The Road

Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa Tunes: Gallagher’s Frolics (traditional), The Rocks of The North (Luca Crespi) A couple of years ago I did a very emotional busking tour through Ireland, Wales and England, with my fellows and band mates Silvano and Guido. It has been definitely one of the best experience in my life…. playing […]