Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa Tunes: Jam the Miller (traditional) Erich Fromm, in his 1976 book titled “To Have or to Be?” questioned about the two modes of existence that are inherent to our nature. As the author himself, I think the answer can be only one. I don’t remember where I was when I […]

Off In The Jacks

Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa Tunes: The Banks of the Lough Gowna (traditional) True story; I simply went back home from the pub and wrote it. The fine fiddle and mandolin player Paul Kelly from Tallaght taught me the lovely tune “The Boys of Lough Gowna”, very often played at the sessions in Dublin, so […]

I Only Got One Pint

Music: Silvano Ancellotti Lyrics: Silvano Ancellotti and Rob Orlando Tunes: 1st Tune (Luca Crespi), The Boys of the Lough (traditional) Nothing but the truth. After all, no good stories started with someone drinking a glass of water. Well that bloody Johnny buddyCalled me just cause he was boredLazy sunday ‘noon and a brilliant plan for […]


Music & lyrics: Lorenzo Testa When days are hard and life looks black, you need to take a break and forget everything and everyone for a while. Step on a plane and fly away… to enjoy the life for what it really is. I’m a little bit upsetrestless, confusedA headache annoys meAnd my nerves are […]

We Ruled The Seaside

Lyrics and music: Silvano Ancellotti Tunes written by Lorenzo Testa / Luca Crespi When I was tall as a bottle of beer I lived some of my brightest days in a small town by the sea. Most of my friends were there and, over the years, I’ve seen those people grow up, change and sometimes […]